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Letters from home

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that he was in basic training and I was sitting on my dorm room bed every night furiously writing down the details of the day. The latest wedding planning crisis and how much I wished he were here not mention the worries of extended training and a missing groom. This bedtime ritual would sometimes conclude with me laminating wallet sized selfies with packing tape and tucking them between the folds of the notebook paper filled with my messy scrawlings. He would write back:
“As soon as I picked up the letter, I always feel it to see if I got pictures. And I got pictures.”

As I think back on it, photographs have really had a significant place in our relationship. From the senior picture I sent him with my number on the back to the engagement photo that sits on my desk to the wedding canvas that hangs above it, I realize that our whole, fledgeling life together is literally laid out before me on a daily basis. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I don’t think anyone else would either.

I feel that it’s my duty to create tangible memories. Something that you can literally hold onto when you miss him so much it hurts. Something that is there every day to remind you that though you may be apart, your devotion to one another runs far too deep to die.

P.S. This is when he FINALLY came home and surprised me ten days before our wedding!

Video by my amazing sister Abigail Gerrish

the Katwill Couple

They find meaning in service and truly believe that they are duty bound to give something back to this world. They are family-first, constant servants who always respond to the call of duty regardless of the source. Their traditions are the union of their heritage and legacy. They are Daddy’s girls and men who follow in their father’s footsteps.

They believe that good manners never go out of style and that the art of hostessing will never be obsolete. They believe that every goodbye should be accompanied by an exchange of “I love you”s and sweet kisses. Because, above all, they understand how fleeting each moment is and intend to never take even one for granted.

Is that you? Then we need to be friends.

Image by Jessica Robinson

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