Wedding Photography Exclusively for the Military Bride

For people who belive in service. Based on the coast of Maine, serving wherever his orders take you.

the moment you fell

Life is short and full of uncertainties. And the instant you fell for that man in uniform, so completely committed to service, you became profoundly aware of how fleeting time truly is. In the face of deployments and trainings, you suddenly realized that you wanted to preserve every word, every touch, every blurry iPhone selfie. Every fading moment. You wanted them all and you still do.

Hi, I’m Kathrynne.

Military wedding photographer and Army wife based in Maine, serving wherever his orders take you. I would be honored to help you remember the best day of your life, for the rest of your life.

Image by Melissa Gebert

a few of my favorites from

the KWP archives

The refuge of memories

From the unfiltered laughs to the sincere I Do’s, these photographs will become a part of your family’s visual legacy. In loving servicemen, we understand more than most the necessity of having something within arms reach when we desperately need to be reminded of our beginnings.

When you’re not sure that you can make it, when you feel you have no strength left, the memories become your safe haven and place of hope. And sometimes the memory just needs a spark.

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